Monday, January 18, 2010

Who Would You Put On A Syracuse Shirt as The Best Ever?

While on Twitter tonight after watching Syracuse defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 84-71,a discussion broke out between myself and @cusechic04 about a possible idea for Holy Shirt (or someone to produce). I mentioned that the best bleed Orange in reference to Wes and she thought something like that belonged on the shirt. I added how awesome it would be if the front said "The Best Bleed Orange" and on the back was a list of the best players in Syracuse sports history, kind of like those tour shirts you see at music concerts.

So let say they decided to make a shirt, what names would have to be on the shirt? Should it be exclusive to one sport? Would 20 names be enough? Or should it be specialized for just an elite few like have the back look like a jersey with one name and their number? What do you think and if you think various names/sports, who do you think has to be on the shirt? I personally like the list and could think of almost 20 names just from basketball history alone but think it would be better with a mix of sports. Here is my list and tell me what you think(in no particular order of course).

Donovan McNabb
Don McPherson
Art Monk
Ernie Davis
Jim Brown
Floyd Little
David Bing
Pearl Washington
Derrick Coleman
Sherman Douglas
Carmelo Anthony
Jonny Flynn
Wes Johnson (yes, already)
Gary Gait
Paul Gait
Jim Boeheim
John Desko
Roy Simmons Sr.
Roy Simmons Jr.
Dick MacPherson


James said...

Lawrence Moten
John Wallace
Casey Powell
Larry Csonka
Marvin Harrison
Dwight Freeney

Anonymous said...

I've only been a cuse fan for the past 8-9 years so my picks don't go back very far and I'm pretty much all basketball even tho there have been some pretty amazing football players come out of the cuse...but I def think that list is awesome. My favs are Jonny, Carmelo, Gerry and Yes...Wes...already and of course Coach Boehiem. I thought I Bleed Orange alone was a good idea...but this is awesome

Orange Chuck said...

James-I do like those names and I guess I would just have to extend the list to probably 40.

Chantel-I also like the idea of a personalized shirt like you said, saying "I Bleed Orange", maybe with Orange blood drops or something.

Matt said...

I definitely agree w/ James about G-mac, Moten and Wallace. Harrison too, even though he's a f-ing disgrace.

Definitely Freeney too- he, McNabb and Harrison are the best 'Cuse NFLers since I've been a fan.

Wow, this list could be so long...

What about Billy Owens, BTW? He was a great Orangeman.

SyracuseSoldier said...