Friday, January 15, 2010

The Anthem That Will Have The Carrier Dome Rocking(Uncensored Lyrics)

Since I do not have access to the Carrier Dome or any video taping equipment, I thought I would just share the lyrics with you that I wrote. If are offended by cursing, then this is not the post for you because I posted the video below as an example of why there is so much. I hope you all enjoy it as I enjoyed writing it.

Also, this is just my first post back as I intend to post occasionally but more often than I have lately, to which I apologize.

I’m At The Dome

Written by Orange Chuck


Aw shit, get your Orange ready, it’s about to go down.

Everybody in the Dome, stand your asses up and stay on your mother fuckin toes.

We running this. Let’s go.

I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Everybody look at me cause I’m hanging at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Take a good, hard look at the motherfuckin Dome.

I’m at the Dome mother fucker take a look at me. Straight hangin at the Dome at Syracuse University. Sportin my Shut It Down tee, better view than at home. You can’t stop us motherfucker cause I’m at the Dome.

Take my picture trick. I’m at the Dome bitch. We eating Dome Dogs cause they so crisp. I got my SU hoodie and my Otto ball cap. I’m rooting for the Orange, you rootin for teams that are whack.

I’m sittin in the student section, cheering loud and shit. Wes Johnson’s dunkin, just his style. Receivers beware, Shamarko Gone Wild. And our lacrosse team has championships stock piled. I’m at the Dome motherfucker, don’t you ever forget.

I’m at the Dome and GMac’s in the house and the cheerleaders are getting the crowd pumped up. We got championship trophies, thanks to Warrick and Melo. If don’t like Orange, then you’re sure not me, oh. Get the fuck up, this Dome is real.

Fuck Hoyas, I’m at the Dome motherfucker. Fuck Huskies, I bleed Orange motherfucker. I’m at the Dome with my boys motherfucker. The Dome speakers make noise, motherfucker.

Hey ma, if you could see me now, arms up signaling for a three. Gonna make this the Loud House I guarantee. Like Coach Marrone, anything is possible.

Yeah. Always dreamed I’d be at the Dome. It’s a big Dome in Syracuse, New York. Yeah. Astrodome, look at me, ooh. (All hands in the air). Always dreamed of the day, to the Dome I’d find my way. Believe me when I say, I fucked a Hoya today.

I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Everybody look at me cause I’m cheering at the Dome. (Whooa) I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Take a good hard look at the motherfuckin Dome.

Shawtay. Shawtay. Yeah, yea, yea.

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