Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank You Contest And Other Contests Links

I am sitting here trying to think of a way to say thank you for all of your support. I have been through some personal issues for a while now and needed some time to think. I also found it hard to concentrate on writing as my mind was preoccupied. So to say thank you for those who stuck around and follow me on Twitter, especially those who helped me win the Twitter Friendly's contest, I am giving out a prize of your choosing. I have been out of work since March so money is tight but what I can offer is your choice of either a 1974 Floyd Little Denver Broncos football card or 2 coupons for free Friendly's prepackaged ice cream. The way to win is simple: simply tweet me (OrangeChuck) and tell me which prize you prefer and your favorite orange thing (besides Syracuse sports). The tenth tweet I get that states both will win the prize of their choice. I may share some choices as I actually enjoy a lot of things not related to Syracuse that are orange. Good luck to you all.

UPDATE: I found a couple winners(@SyracuseSoldier and @ducktape1) to split the prizes with but no worries, I plan to try and do more in the future using Twitter.

I also have included some of my favorite contest links for those who are curious about where I find them. I would also highly advice you to find your local radio/television stations on the internet as many have giveaways or membership clubs that offer contests and all it takes it a simple registration. Also, check Twitter for some of your favorite companies and follow them because many of them use gift cards to help build interest in their product.

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