Sunday, January 17, 2010

TNA Wrestling: Just Another Wrestling Organization Or Total Nonstop Action?

On January 4th, TNA Wrestling started a new era with Hulk Hogan in charge. He talked about how he was going to change TNA for the better and give wrestling fans who were bored with WWE's product an alternative. He talked about how TNA talent would have to step up to prove they belong and brought in names like Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Orlando Jordan, The Nasty Boys and Sean Morley along with reuniting "the band" aka The Outsiders with Sean Waltman. Tonight, TNA debuted a new entrance ramp that goes all the way to the ring and switched from a 6 sides ring to a four sided ring. I must admit that I enjoyed the previous TNA product so I may be biased and I am not a huge fan of change but I must say this, so far the changes TNA made have not built my interest but actually made me care less about the product.

TNA had carved it's own identity for over 5 years now and the 6 sided ring added a innovative look and provided the talent a chance to do different things. The fans seemed to love it, most wrestlers seemed to love it and yet, new management must not. So I see they already have adapted the Vince McMahon theory of wrestling where you know more than the fans about what we like. Bring back the 6 sides and some originality to the product.

I know WCW eventually caught WWE in the ratings and defeated them for several weeks but to me, it seems as though they want to replicate WCW as though they learned from their mistakes. They want to use other people's money to bring in name value even though that locker room is loaded with talent. I mean really, you bring in the Nasty Boys so we can maybe see them stick someone's face in their armpits or Orlando Jordan who was best known for being JBL's lackey just to interrupt the Black Pope during an interview? Oh and what would wrestling be if we didn't have a tease of a strip poker game that involved a former porn star gimmick? I guess maybe we should look for more T&A matches in TNA than allowing some of the most talented female wrestlers a chance to actually showcase their talents.

I know I should give it more time and maybe I am jumping the gun but in all honesty, the only positive things I have seen so far are things that already existed and that was the quality of matches such as Angle and AJ or GenerationMe and MotorCityMachineGuns. Sure, Scott Hall and the Nasty Boys probably got the casual wrestling fans interest but honestly, how much longer can you keep bringing in surprise debuts or depend on guys who in their prime, which was over a decade ago, for the most part was still not all that great (with the exceptions being Flair and Hardy).

TNA's best asset is to be original and stick to great in ring action. I personally would love to see them feature more action with maybe some quick ringside interviews or a more realistic feel (like using rankings to establish contenders instead of soap opera type story lines and interviews that feel more realistic). By trying to compete with WWE at their own game, you are already losing the battle because they have more powerful resources at their disposal and history on their side. Be proud of what TNA stands for and provide the fans the best Total Nonstop Action in the wrestling business bar none and let the fans come to you. I wish TNA the best of luck but I have to admit, so far I am not impressed with the changes that have been made.

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James said...

I completely agree, the product TNA has been putting out since Hulk joined has been down right garbage. TNA now has WWE written all over it. From the new entrance, to the traditional 4 sided ring, and the out of date/out of work "superstars" they have brought in.

Tonight they made a point to come out and say they will not have the hardcore matches of past, no more tacks, no barbwire baseball bats, ect... They turned the face of TNA heel tonight(AJ Styles), if it wasn't for this kid TNA wouldn't have lasted 2 years.

TNA is VERY quickly becoming the WCW of the late 90's, and no that's not a good thing. It's becoming all gimmicks and half-assed wrestling. TNA is where it is today because of great old school wresting mixed with new school flash by guys that did it because it's what they missed from the "Attitude Era".

The current TNA management seems to have no idea that they are quickly killing themselves. If they don't right the ship soon I see TNA being non-existent by the end of 2010... if not allot sooner.