Saturday, March 7, 2009

What If We Weren't The Orange Or Playing In The Carrier Dome?

First off, I must apologize as I have not only had computer issues but family issues as well that have slowed down what I thought would be ample time to make a new post. I know this blog is not must read daily (or in some cases ever) but I do like to try and put something new on here when I can.

Now on to my latest thought. I apologize up front if this idea has been used but I don't remember it. Anyway, I was sitting around work and an idea popped in my head. What if Syracuse were no longer known as the Orange or someone wanted to rename the Carrier Dome since Carrier is not exactly a huge force in the Syracuse area anymore as it was when it was named. So I put together my own list of 10 names I would use or at least consider. Feel free to leave in the comment area any ideas you would have if you were asked for ideas. Here is my list for you to criticize as you wish.

Top 10 Names To Replace The Orange:
10. Syracuse Barges
To honor the Erie Canal and so we can hear someone utter the phrase, "Barges, we don't need no stinkin barges."

9. Syracuse Mardones
And we change the fight song to the classic hit Into The Night by Syracuse native Benny Mardones. Ahh, how I miss those slow dances at school when I was a young man in the Cuse.

8. Syracuse Ottos
Then we make it so that everyone must play in an Otto suit, makes things more interesting. And because I love Otto and wish I had been a member of Otto's Army when I was younger.

7. Syracuse Choppers
This will give you a 10% discount at Price Choppers in the Syracuse area with every victory, ticket stub and of course, your discount card. Also could work in the Orange County Choppers and maybe a custom designed bike for seniors/MVP's.

6. Syracuse Dome Rangers
In honor of the mascot who made more laps up and down the sidelines of the Carrier Dome, I lost weight just watching him.

5.Syracuse Fighting Journalists
Don't cross us or we will bury you in the press and write/talk medieval about your ass.

4. Syracuse Heartburn's
You eat at some of the great local places and you will never want to leave. Between Tully's, the pizzerias on every corner and many other great places, you can't lose.

3. Syracuse Sinister Snowman
I know many would prefer the Blizzards but unless Dairy Queen is offering free blizzards with victories, this sounds so much more intimidating. Our snowmen are the ones who will take your pansy little snowman and kick his ass.

2. Syracuse Nationals
In one word, History.

And the number 1 name to replace the Orange if Syracuse chose to do so, The Syracuse 44's.
If San Francisco can have their 49ers to relive their past, we can use our best asset.

Top 10 Names To Replace The Carrier Dome:

10. The Igloo
Sure it's taken but tell those people to stand outside the Dome in the winter and argue we don't deserve the right to use the name as well.

9. Tully's Tender Spot
I know I love Tully's but you have to admit, the name sounds like fun too.

8. The Citrus Cabana
Staying with the Orange theme, we have Citrus TV as well so why not picture the Dome as a cabana to go and get out of the cold.

7. The Pressure Cooker
Playing clips of Pressure by Billy Joel and Under Pressure from David Bowie/Queen loud over the speakers every time our opponents are in a pressure situation.

6. The Sausage Center
Gianelli's is a local favorite and make some great hot Italian sausage so why not a local endorsement.

5. The Hot Haus
If we don't get sausage, let's go for Hoffman's. I personally love their German franks and make sure I bring back packages every time I visit because nobody sells it anywhere near me in North Carolina. Plus, the Hot Haus does kind of have a cool name to it without the sexual innuendos one may read into #6.

4. The Hill
Screw that MTV reality show. We had the Hill long before MTV was cranking out Video Killed The Radio Star.

3. Hollywood Bowl Of The East
Where would Hollywood be without Tom Cruise, Richard Gere and the Baldwin Brothers, all Syracuse natives? Besides, this gives Dr. Gross a chance to get movie stars to sit with him.

2. The House 44 Built
The only reason this is not number one is because I went the 44 route for #1 on the other list and didn't want overkill. We all know the great history with that number and would love anything that helps to remember it. Of course, this could also just be a lovable nickname for it as well.

And the number 1 name to replace the Carrier Dome should SU officials chose to do so, The Syracuse War Memorial.
Yes I know there already is a Syracuse War Memorial but this will probably be the only way Syracuse Crunch owner Howard Dolgon ever gets a new scoreboard and decent upgrades he deserves in the War Memorial.

And those are my top 10 lists, so what do you think?

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