Thursday, March 19, 2009

Contest Central 5-19

Of course, shortly after I posted the one yesterday, I found some more sports related contests that I thought I would share. I am unsure how many of you out there enjoy these but I m a contest junkie who can easily spend hours filling out the forms if the prize is worth it. It's the reason I am addicted to Powerade after I won a contest of 20 cases and a gift bag when the grand prize was 80 cases and Steve Smith coaching your kid's football team for a day. So I think it's worth it and so i will continue to share these with you all unless you tell me otherwise. is a link for a chance to fly away and meet BJ Upton, Ryan Howard, or Justin Upton in Phoenix. is for those of you who are interested in skiing, dog sledding or well, cooking as well and it's a free trip so that's a plus. is for a trip to Jackson Hole, WY for some mountain biking. is for those who have begun daydreaming of Florida in light of the game tomorrow and like deep sea fishing though this one is in Panama City Beach and not Miami, sorry. for a free sample of Dunkin Donuts cofee. This may not be directly related to sports but as a wrestling fan over the years, I have heard that many of the boys think they have the best coffee for road trips and hey, its a free sample so you win when you enter.

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