Saturday, March 28, 2009

Contest Corner 3-28 is for NASCAR fans and someone with a great idea for an April Fools prank to pull on a friend or family member that driver Michael Waltrip will assist you with. If he picks your prank, you will win a trip to see a race on April 17th. has a contest where when you vote on the Fan Fav of the week, you will qualify for prizes as well. is also for NASCAR fans from CMT where you can win a trip to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend and get to see the Trick My Truck crew as well. This includes airfare and hotel as well as garage and pit passes plus other bonuses. Jet Blue wants to send you to see the Utah Jazz host the Los Angeles Clippers on April 13. This one is for all of you 80's wrestling fans. They are giving away three prize packs, one for Hot Rod Roddy Piper, one for Hulkamania and one for the Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart. speaking of wrestling, the guys at pwiPOP
associated with bring you a contest to win Wrestlemania shirts and more. Just a quick email with your name and address including zip code and you could be a winner. for those who ever wanted to smell like Tony Stewart and Brian Urlacher, a free sample of Old Spice Body Wash brought to you by your friends at Wal-Mart. is a link to a free video of the 2009 SI Swimsuit Edition.

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