Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Contest Central

Found a few more contests some of you might enjoy. is a chance to win $250 worth of gift certificates to the Fanhouse store. Gamestop is giving away a PS3 and a Wii for you gamers. Spike TV and the new film "I Love You Man" are giving away a mancave for you to enjoy some Orange sports (a 50 inch flat screen 1080 TV and PS3 console with Rock Band and even a man groomer in case hot women approach the cave). For those looking for an iPod touch, Men's Style is giving away one a day during fashion week (and I have no clue when that is but the prize seems pretty sweet). is also a great place to go for those of you who drink Coke products and Powerade. You get the codes from specially marked lids or cases and enter them in to either save up for a gift or bid on prizes. and last but not least, for all you sports talk junkies. Dan Patrick may have left ESPN but he has his own show and website through SI now. He also has Dan Nation which offers prizes by acquiring points you get by listening to his show and then bidding on them.

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