Monday, March 30, 2009

Contest Corner 3-30 is not really a sports contest but it's from, called March Hoopla, and features a guy dribbling a basketball so I am counting it. Those of you in Syracuse can qualify and choose to enter for gifts from Driver's Village, Key Bank, China Towne Furniture and Mattress, and Harbor View Wine and Liquors. is a contest for wrestling fans near the Philadelphia area who are willing to show up for a ROH taping that can get you on HDNet (If I lived closer, I would do this in a heartbeat). is for golfing fans with trips to 2010 Pebble Beach US Open, a foursome in Myrtle Beach(I can personally attest to the fact they have some of top notch courses) and daily prizes of $50 American Express gift card.;jsessionid=HP3RM5ED5Y2KRLAQBBKSCNVMCAEFAIWE?promoType=1&sweepsNotesId=27&successURL=%2Fcabelas%2Fen%2Ftemplates%2Fhome%2Fdoorway%2Dhome%2Ejsp%3Fvendor%3Ddoor%5Fpepsi%5Fsuccess%2Ejsp&cmCat=catalog&cm_ven=catalog&cm_ite=pepsi&_requestid=50100 is a long link but could be valuable to those of you who like Cabela's because they are giving away 50 $1000 gift cards to shop there. So if you are a big time outdoors person whether it be hiking, hunting, fishing or you just like their clothing, check this one out. is for racing fans and is a photo contest to show how big of a fan you truly are with prizes on the line including the grand prize of two tickets to the final race of the year. is for those of you who willing to share who your Fav 5 are and could be worth an NBA jersey, a T-Mobile bluetooth headset or the grand prize of a trip to the ESPN studios for a tour. is in case I have any women checking out the blog or men looking to try and win something for the lady in their life, it's a $200 gift card to Lady Foot Locker. is a link to win a trip to the NFL draft and actually announce a draft pick.

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