Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If Your Walking In Memphis For The Orange Game, Here Are Some Helpful Guides

I sat here pondering whether I should remake the words to Oklahoma the musical or find some remarks from Sooners fans knocking the Orange when I had a better idea. I am not sure how many actually plan to visit the FedEx Forum in Memphis this weekend for the games but in case someone does, I thought I would add some links to help you out.

Driving and Parking Directions For The FedEx Forum:

Traffic Advisories For The Forum:

Restaurant Guide (I hear the BBQ is fantastic):

Coupons And Special Offers:

Want To Ride The Trolley:

And For The After Party:

And thanks to TNIAAM for pointing out this bit of news for those wanting somewhere Orange friendly before the game starts:

And as a side note, the Memphis Grizzlies will be on the road this weekend so you will have to wait until April 1st if you wish to see Hakim Warrick play Etan Thomas and the Washington Wizards while your in town. Here is their site, if you are interested and if you see the main page, they are running a poll about who you would like to see in a Memphis Grizzlies uniform and Jonny Flynn is one of the players listed.

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