Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Reason To Dislike Lebron, Like I Needed More

As if his overshadowing of Carmelo Anthony was not enough for an Orange fan, now his fascination with Jonny Flynn has cost us Flynn. The Post Standard reported today that he has in fact hired the same agent Lebron James was trying to get him to sign with, Leon Rose, which you can find out more from the guys who broke the news here .

So your being the big man on high school campus taking away ESPN airtime and all your hype about being the biggest name the sport has ever seen wasn't enough when Carmelo was on the scene. Now you swoop in with your big endorsement deals and steal one of our best players who was a major reason the Orange were ranked top 5 for next season. Maybe it's simply because Lebron wants the best point guard on his Cavs team to finally get over that hump to win championships (which he won't this year because Kobe will take care of that). Or quite possibly his agent was drooling because of his play this season as well as his play at Lebron's camp. Whatever his reason, his mere presence in the situation just made me a huge fan of the Magic, the Celtics, the Lakers, the Mavs, the Nuggets and any other team that can beat his Cavs. Unless Flynn is drafted by the Cavs, then I have to root for them damn it because frankly, I refuse to deny the success of an Orange player because of my disdain for someone else.

UPDATE: Ryan Miller has this news on that he has not signed yet but intends to do so sometime this week, which you can click to read here . It's all the same, I still blame Lebron for this mess and will applaud the team that knocks the Cavs out of the playoffs. My biggest hope is, this agent did not break NCAA rules because if we learn later that he did, in order to get information for Jonny, I swear I will make my life mission about trashing Lebron James every chance I get, especially if the program is punished for it.

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