Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why TNA Should Be Lighting Up Taz's Phone Right Now?

Some of you may have noticed that I am a wrestling fan and can be a very passionate one at that. After reading yesterday on that Taz's WWE contract has expired and he has decided not to renew at this time, I am joining the long line of those hoping this could lead to a TNA deal in the upcoming future.

Before I go further, let me state for the record that I consider Don West to be a great asset to the company and love his work. To me though, I think this turn of his could best be used other then simply as a broadcaster, maybe doing exclusive interviews with the heels when need be as well as remaining the pitch man for TNA's merchandise. Anyone who thinks DW should leave TNA immediately because of Taz is either naive or not understanding of how much he possibly could do with the company.

That said, Taz has proven to be a great asset to a broadcasting team. The guy is very knowledgeable and not afraid to show it. He is very passionate and not afraid to express it. Taz is a former wrestler who fans can easily understand his viewpoint and can sell a move or a match as good as anyone in the business. His ties to ECW and that intensity he has and has had his whole career will get fans to buy into the whole show.

My guess is, Kurt Angle, Team 3D and probably Rhino, Mick Foley, and Jeff Jarrett if they have not already, are calling him up to convince him why TNA would be great for him and if they have not yet, what the hell are you waiting for? People are already discussing how awesome he would do if he has a no-compete clause in his contract and shows up in Philadelphia for Lockdown and I have to agree with that. Taz debuting in the city that was the home of ECW and dropping an intense promo would be worth the price alone.

One last thought on the idea, how would I debut him? If you watch Impact, you see Don West walks off and has treated even company executives like Cornette with disrespect so why not officially announce that due to his unprofessionalism as of late, TNA has decided to go in a new direction and demote him. When DW stands up offended asking who the hell could ever fill his shoes, the music hits and Taz walks out. DW not as stupid as he looks, does not stick around to argue but runs quickly telling them he will be back. Sure, the Tazmission on DW would be an awesome pop but trust me, Taz will get the ECW pop as soon as he walks in, especially if it's in Philly. I would do this at the beginning of the show with all the ECW/Frontline guys walking by the broadcast table welcoming him to TNA and maybe a nice stare down with Angle as well building the tension of what if, even though every report I have read says Taz has no desire to return to the ring but it sells the Frontline/MEM storyline as well. And how about a quick comment "accidentally" caught on a microphone from Mick Foley on his way to ringside about at least here there isn't some lunatic yelling in his ear the whole show?

Those are just my thought, so what do you think? Should Taz join TNA soon and should TNA be running to get him to sign? How would you debut him if he joins? What would you do with him if he was in Taz and what would you do with Don West? Heck, he could just need a break to spend time with his family and then end up back with the WWE but sometimes, speculating and wishing is so much fun when it's a positive story. Am I blowing up something that is a non-story up bigger then it truly is or could this truly be a big story?

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