Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite 44 Sports Drama Movies Of All Time

I have composed a list of the top 44 sports drama films based on my personal tastes. The ranking was primarily based on a long list and which one I would choose to watch verses the rest of the list. Your list may differ but here is mine without further ado.
44. Undisputed
43. Annapolis
42. Chariots Of Fire
41. Hoop Dreams
40. Gridiron Gang
39. The Champ
38. Hurricane
37. Pride
36. Everybody's All American
35. Best Of Times
34. Facing The Giants
33. He Got Game
32. Above The Rim
31. Glory Road
30. All The Right Moves
29. The Babe
28. Radio
27. The Program
26. Victory
25. Cinderella Man
24. Coach Carter
23. Heaven Can Wait
22. We Are Marshall
21. Remember The Titans
20. Blue Chips
19. Varsity Blues
18. Ali
17. Hoosiers
16. Cobb
15. Raging Bull
14. Invincible
13. Any Given Sunday
12. Legend Of Bagger Vance
11. Miracle
10. Rudy
9. The Wrestler
8. Brian's Song
7. The Natural
6. Friday Night Lights
5. Eight Men Out- this movie alone made me want to start my own Shoeless Joe Hall of Fame movement
4. Field Of Dreams- a film that breaks down the love of baseball
3. The Express- which had there not been so much Hollywood re-creation, would be #1)
2. Rocky- the film is iconic and this includes all the sequels
1. For Love Of The Game- which maybe it's because I can relate to a lot in the story and it is symbolic to me more so then others but I love the movie and think it's possibly one of the most underrated sports movies of our generation. I have the video below to see for yourself, the entire film brought to you by Hulu.

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