Monday, April 13, 2009

Nicknames For 2009-2010 Basketball Team Players

So as we all know, the great Waffle, Kristof Ongenaet, is a senior (and we wish him the best with his future endeavours) and so goes our favorite nickname from the team. And after re-reading a post on TNIAAM about team names in other countries, which you can find here, , jokingly I added a comment about AO fitting one of the names but then it came to me, this must be his new nickname. Rick Jackson already has "Action" attached to his so why not label the other big man.

You have to agree "The Tender Juicy Giant" is one of the greatest names in the world and we could have that name for our big man. Sure, we use his initials (mostly because it's quick and you don't chance mispronouncing his name haha) but this is so much more fun to say. Imagine hearing Dick Vitale, or better yet Jay Bilas, after a big play with the words, "And a monster dunk by the Tender Juicy Giant" for the Orange" and you know you would spit out your drink the first time he did too.

So what other nicknames should we look forward to for next season? Come on, you all know you love the nicknames for our favorite players and if AO goes pro one day, you can say you supported The Tender Juicy Giant back when he first earned that name. And you have that personal touch with the players as well as our own code names for our favorites. Let me know your favorite as well as any past ones you miss.

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