Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 20 Syracuse Themed Names For A Potential Blog

I was wondering a while back about renaming the blog but decided against it because not only do I like the name but it would also change the URL address and I have messed around with this blog enough trying to figure it out. Part of me wanted some catchy fun name but I also never could really settle on one that I liked. However, recently I started a list of one's I would consider and after I realized I had like 20 of them, I figured I would share them with you and see what you thought. If you wish to start a blog and steal an idea, feel free with my blessing. If you have any ideas, leave a comment here or on Twitter and let's see what the funniest ones are. Here is my list for your entertainment, at least I hope.

Top 20 Syracuse Theme Names For Your Blog:

20. A Little Bit Of Tenderness: Tribute To Tully's Tenders
19. Syracuse: So Close To Everything That Every Game Is Home Field/Court
18. I Want To Be The Lone Ranger When I Grow Up
17. SU: Where Traditions Are Retired Or Sold To The Highest Bidder
16. McPherson's: Over One Million Fans Pleasured And Still Counting
15. The Orange F'n Show
14. Nobody Puts Duany In A Corner
13. GMac Is Not Over Rated/Gmac Is Worth At Least 10 F'n Games
12. Powell Be Thy Name/The Secret Of Nims
11. When You Want News Done Right, Do A Newhouse Grad
10. Devo Is My Baby Daddy
9. Keith F'n Smart Haunt My Dreams
8. Seikaly: A Greek God Among Men
7. Joe Morris: Real American Hero
6. Doug Logan Bleeds Orange
5. U Conn Handle 6 OTs
4. Warrick's World: The Shot Block Heard Around The World (Echoing In Kansas)
3. Gaitway To Heaven
2. Real Men Do Winters In Syracuse
And the #1 name I would pick if I rename this blog today:
1. Boeheim Is My Buddha


PoetryInMoten said...

I like Doug Logan Bleeds Orange. Not a reference people who didn't grow up in or go to Syracuse in the 80's and 90's would get. But man could that guy call a game.

Orange Chuck said...

Thanks. I agree, I loved Doug but also think we are lucky to also have someone as great as Matt Park around now as well.