Friday, March 5, 2010

Top 12 Signs You Might Be A D-Bag

In light of a recent online journalist who got his jollies by taking an inaccurate and offensive remark about one of our female fans, I decided to use my love for lists to help you spot a d-bag when you see one. I asked for people on Twitter's helps so this is an interactive list so let's see if you agree. Please feel free to add more if you can think of them.

You Might Be A D-Bag If:

12. If you drive in a lane that has signs for miles that it is ending and you wait until the end of it to get over when you had the chance earlier and cut someone off when you do, causing a chain reaction of slamming breaks and backed up traffic.

11. If you use Twitter regularly but do not understand that an RT is a repeat of someone else's post and personally attack the person who repeated it and not the original poster.

10. If you are a male and the tip of your shoes come to more of a point than those on your woman's shoes ( @obscuredv1sions ).

9. If you are apparently amused by making rude comments about a girl because your big, bad feelings got hurt even though I would bet you have been told worse.

8. If you have a faux hawk, Abercrombie and Fitch wardrobe, in home tanning bed, Jason Mraz hat, pink polo shirts, and wifebeaters in a dozen colors ( @goonerink ).

7. If you ignore it when guys make a comment about you and several guys repeat it but save your offensive and sexist remarks for the one girl who says it.

6. If you bring up your pecs in casual conversation ( @obscuredv1sions ) or like to wear shirts that are 2 sizes too small to show them off.

5. If you wear sunglasses inside or at night ( @MBorkowski ).

4. If you spend more time spray tanning and gelling your hair than you spend doing your job ( @smbedoya )

3. If you are a Georgetown Hoya fan and love John Thompson II and III( @andcksays / @pjaschultz ), posters of them on your wall moves you to number 1 automatically.

2. If you are given a chance to apologize on a well listened to radio program and instead choose to respond as though you are an elementary student by essentially saying, "But she started it".

1. If you have a national media outlet with access to thousands of fans and you utilize your space to mock fans who disagree with your opinions.

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Matt said...

Based on this criteria, it seems that a certain chicken shit with a big fat oily sunburned face who works at would be considered a d-bag. I agree completely.