Thursday, March 4, 2010

12 Reasons Why We Should Enjoy Syracuse Being Ranked Number 1

12. Might be just the reason to finally complete the idea of selling Tully's Tenders at the Carrier Dome.

11. Even more opportunities to see Coach Boeheim on national shows getting the love he deserves.

10. 14 years in ACC country and I can now laugh at their insignificance.

9. Guys Like KrisJo, Rick Jackson, and Andy Rautins getting more attention for their hard work.

8. Wes gets more love and we get to hear 20 different ways to pronounce Onuaku.

7. Another reason to blast Shut It Down on your radio/ipod or download it as a ringtone (if anyone knows a cheap way to do that on a Verizon LG Touch, please let me know because K$isha was fun for a minute and free but I need something Orange).

6. SU being #1 means Georgetown, UConn, UNC, and Duke are not.

5. Huge payoff for the true fans who stood behind this team and the school even when it looked like it might be a long season and still believed in them.

4. Overshadows the whole Seton Hall-Rutgers nail biting rivalry.

3. Another great T-shirt idea

2. This late in the season, we have a legit shot at being the number one overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

And the #1 reason is: knowing somewhere John Thompson II is sitting in a room with his blood boiling because not only are we #1, we did it by taking Georgetown out to the wood shed for a butt whipping twice in one season.

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