Sunday, March 21, 2010

What We Learned On Twitter Today-March 21, 2010 (Debut Edition)

I see the poll voting is obviously going in a certain direction and since I want to true make this something everyone will enjoy, I will use this column to make an initial practice run on how to set this up. I am sure that in time, I will do my best to make improvements when needed or recommended but I just want an idea of where to take this. Please let me know either via email at, send me a message on Twitter or comment on these columns if you have any questions or ideas. And now, the debut of What We Learned On Twitter Today.

OK class, in light of Syracuse stomping Gonzaga today, I wanted to try and debut this thing on a positive note. Many among the Syracuse Twitter family were very vocal about their excitement.

Take for example, Assistant Coach Rob Murphy who said: @robmurphycuse Great Win today Cuse! Salt Lake City is the next stop for the "Shut It (cont)

Or what about one of our players DeShonte Riley's post game quote: @DeeRiley33 Sweet 16 baby! Good win fellas. Thanks everybody for the love and support(as well as the hate). I really appreciate it!

And then among the fans side of the Twitter family, we had our buddy Paulie tweeting about how some with Gonzaga thought Syracuse was a bit soft and wrote: @PaulieDars I hope someone asks Sacre how "soft" that avalanche of points that SU dropped on him feels.
UPDATE: If you are curious as to the reference for Paulie, here is the tweet: @Syracuse_Live: (Charlotte Observer) NCAA: Gonzaga's Sacre calls Orange 'soft':
And @pjaschultz sent me this addition to the quote: @sdrosenb: sacre blue!?! Wes Johnson in the HOUSEE!!!!! #SU #SHUTITDOWN

Pat, the man behind the Giant Boeheim head attended the game in person in Buffalo and had a dealing with the fans I can't stand to sit near (and I would put into the #13 slot from my D-Bag list I previously made) when he shared this piece of info: @pmanley Love when people tell me to sit when I stand to cheer an exciting play

We also had references to potential future Rautins children with this tweet from Brian at @BH_Orange44: All the ladies nearby are now preggers thanks to Andy.

Then of course, we have the initial tweet from someone tweeting on behalf of Syracuse's opponent in the Sweet 16 round and keep in mind that when the crap flies, this was the first shot heard: @ButlerBasketbal Syracuse it is. We never liked orange anyways.

In response to some general tournament issues, we had Alex, who apparently avoided a bum/store manager fight today at least enough to share this gem with us in reference to The Office: @Alexander_O Andy Bernard's bracket must be looking great in The Office's pool.
If you have never seen the show, here is a quick example of his reference:

And Stewart Mandel from SI gave us this sound bite which had me almost in tears laughing about the matchup of Cornell and Kentucky: @slmandel Seriously, Kentucky-Cornell would be fascinating. Three future lottery picks vs. their future financial advisers.

Of course, Syracuse grad Bill Voth added this comment which added joy to my heart living in ACC country: @billvoth Maryland gets buzzer-beaten and now Duke's the only ACC team left.

And last but not least, let me leave you with a fun NASCAR related quote. I know many of you are not fans but some are and I am becoming more and more of a fan everyday. Brittney Cason, who is a great writer for the Charlotte Bobcats website as well as Charlotte's edition of Creative Loafing and contributor on Speed Network shared this nice quote following Jimmy Johnson winning today at Bristol: @BrittneyCason At this point I wouldn't be surprised if drivers tried to sue #JimmieJohnson for being a monopoly like businesses did Microsoft! #NASCAR

And that class is what we learned today on Twitter. I hope to make them bigger in the future but I will need your help as well. If you see something you think would be funny posted in a future segment, please either RT it with my name (@OrangeChuck) included in it, DM me the message or email it to me and if it measures up, I will be more than happy to add it and maybe even credit you for the find. I think we could have some fun with this thing and hope you all enjoy it. Class dismissed!

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