Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Pizza Is My Choice For A Game Day Meal?

I did a list not long ago on my favorite game day pleasures. Many people were shocked that I selected pizza over Tully's Tenders (and I did not do so for shock value either), I do love those awesome Tenders but I have a bigger weakness most of the time for pizza and always have (plus I do not live in central NY anymore so it's a bit hard to get my Tully's fix on a whim). Maybe it is the Italian side of me but as my family will agree, I could do pizza 3 meals a day every day and still love it.

Frozen pizzas (though I prefer DiGiorno's if I do), Pizza Hut, Cici's Pizza Buffet and especially those with NY or Brooklyn style recipes. Sami's Pizza in Bridgeport, NY and Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Mooresville, NC are my favorites due to their varieties, the great taste (especially Sami's garlic pizza which will provide an explosion of excitement in your mouth) and they both have pizza ready for you to choose from at the counter that just need a couple minutes to reheat in the oven.

I also like pizza for the convenience. You can not only get an affordable meal for the family but you can also get a great second meal or snack later out of it most times. You can do a buffet for an affordable price (I have enjoyed CiCi's Pizza the last two times I tried it and recommend them), hit up Little Caesar's pizza for as little as $5.55 for a large pie or take advantage of the variety of coupons and current deals being offered such as Pizza Hut's $10 any size, any toppings deal.

For those who don't know, for about 5 years or so, I had a vision of one day owning a sports bar named "The Big Orange Sports Grill And Pizzeria" with the main staples being pizza and wings (with some sandwiches and salads as well but a simple one page menu essentially). Now granted, I have absolutely zero experience owning a business at all and equal amount of talent in a kitchen so it is mostly contingent on winning a huge lottery jackpot and finding someone with some delicious recipes. The facility would be a playground/festival of TV's with a wide variety of styles of pizza and wings to enjoy when watching a game or out with the family.

I remember growing up in NY, mom would send me on on my bike to the local pizzeria and with a smile on my face, balancing the x-large pizza, I came home with the best meal on the planet. Maybe it is just a part of my childhood that I refuse to let loose but I can't help but still be like a kid in a candy store when someone mentions it. I have volunteered to work OT on several occasions when promised pizza as a reward for doing it (the overtime pay didn't hurt either). I love Tully's Tenders and I end up with a smile on my face when I am back in Syracuse eating them but just as much, I look forward to a great pizza whenever I get the chance. Being financially strapped for a while also helps you appreciate just how good you had it when some days you can't even just stop for one slice like you used to and that is a mark of how much I enjoyed eating it every time.

So please keep in mind that when I say that pizza is my favorite game day food, I am not belittling my excitement for Tully's, I just feel like pizza is a part of who I am. I enjoy a variety of pizzas and if you ever try to order a pizza on game day you will see that I am not alone. Pizza is truly about as American as apple pie anymore and...wait, apple pie is awesome too so now I am wondering how long before I post a desert listing.

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Matt said...

I would like to enjoy an "explosion in my mouth" but don't live in CNY anymore. Too bad there's not a Sami's in Bridgeport, CT. We do have some great pizza here, though- I loved the pizza in CNY growing up but now I think New Haven pizza is the best.