Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orange Basketball Free Falling?

Yes, last night was a bad lose to Providence 100-94 so what do we take from it? I pointed out 10 issues in my bleacher report article that I think face this team and many of those same questions remain. Was this a matter of a team who is suffering from fatigue and injuries so this is just a bad time for the team? Jonny Flynn definately did his part last night and you can;t really put any blame on Devo either or Rick Jackson who I think had a great game. Is this a case of the perfect storm for this team that can still be saved or to quote the great Tom Petty, are we just facing watching a talented team begin their "Free Falling"? If you want analysis, Axe is the man for this game right here . Let's hope it's not too late to turn it around but remember this, most times it is the team that is hot at the end of the season and not the beginning that wins it and even teams like Duke and UNC are struggling despite high expectations.

With the Super Bowl only days away, why not this performance from last years game? Enjoy some Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

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