Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Beats Syracuse 78-60 So It's Time To Hit The Links

I watched most of the second half of this game and frankly I find it hard to talk about other then the word terrible. Pittsburgh was was just the better team Monday night and so let's just get to the links plus a few additional SU related topics and a Citrus TV video as well with our buddy Jameson Fleming getting some air time.

Axe covers the few sunny and many dark sides of this game.

syracuse.com's Mike Waters and Donna Ditota break down the foul trouble, including technicals in this game.

Bleacher Report's Karl Blankenship has this report on why Panther fans have no right to complain after this game.

CBS Sports has the breakdown from the wire and the stats too.

Orange Press Pass: Pittsburgh- Jan. 19


Ryan Balton said...

Hey man, thanks for the mention of CitrusTV! You can check out Press Pass clips at http://presspass.citrustv.net

Orange Chuck said...

Ryan, I have been checking it out when its posted on syracuse.com but now I have it saved to my links list. I have also added some to fandome.com so others can follow it as well.