Sunday, January 25, 2009

Syracuse Lost To Louisville 67-57, What Now?

I was going to try and find a video this week instead of the normal links but the guys at 3 Idiots did it better and found an instructional video that on top of defense, the team may want to check out before they travel to Providence this week. Here is the Idiots response: .

I am choosing to find a bright light today and stay positive. The sad part is, to do that, I am actually looking towards the football team. Donnie Webb has confirmed here that the Orange have 4 recruits who have given verbal commitments and a couple more considering. These seem to be legit guys that other top schools were attempting to recruit and we won. This includes a 6'4 220 pound QB and CB Dale Peterman who had this quote and many more for Donnie, "It's where I felt the most comfortable at," Peterman said. "With the new coaching staff coming in, I'm really excited about things. I've got a good feeling they're going to turn thigns around." I higgly recommend checking out Donnie's work on as he proves why he is the top source for Syracuse football information. I can't help but feel optimistic about the upcoming football season now after seeing top websites talking about our recruits. I know some may object to them going after players with verbal commitments to other schools but to me, until it's signed, sealed and delivered, their fair game. Some of these guys, such as Peterman, were originally recruited by the current Syracuse staff so I can't see it being a far stretch to reach out to them and let them know what's going on. Then again, anything that looks like it might help us get more then 3 wins next season and turn things around, I am all for it. I am sick of being the joke and make no mistake about it, wearing my Orange during football season even in ACC country has people laughing. This is a good sign that the recruiting part is down and I just hope he can coach as good as he recruits because I would gladly settle for the lowest bowl game possible then what we have endured the last few years.

Update: Shortly after I posted this bulletin, Donnie has reported two more verbal commitments and a video package of them as well here .

And in case you needed a laugh after today, I found this quick clip which I can't help playing over and over again simply for the last few seconds. I am just not sure what is funnier, the first line or the last. Enjoy this bit of comedy and don't worry, I have faith we will turn this around in time for Providence.

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