Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update On Donovan McNabb's Status With The Eagles

While surfing this morning, I found this quote by Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie as posted on the Philadelphia Daily News Eagles blog:
On Donovan McNabb: "Donovan has had a very good year, but it also has had its ups and downs. You have to know, in this sport, especially at the quarterback position, you're going to have your ups and downs. Hopefully the ups are predominant, and he's proven with him at quarterback, you have a very good chance of winning and winning big." Lurie added that the Eagles have "every intention of having him back" and that "he's been great to work with."

Is this emotion riding high off the Eagles victory over the Cowboys to get in the playoffs or what they truly feel? I know many in the Eagles fan base think McNabb is playing on borrowed time but have to also consider that not only has he lead this team to another playoff appearance when nobody thought it was possible but what are your quarterback options if McNabb's last snap at QB is during this playoff season. Personally, I would start McNabb at least for one more season while working on your options as to who will succeed him when it is time for him to hang it up. This is coming from a guy who always drafts McNabb in the first 2 rounds of his fantasy draft as well because his numbers are usually impressive and you can always count on at least one or two huge games.

As for those like my buddies of at Three Idiots who are curious about Andy Reid's status, this was also posted:
On Andy Reid: "With Andy's leadership, we were in four straight NFC championship games and a Super Bowl. We haven't won a championship, but the quality of coaching and the quality of the performance of the team has been at a very high level. I think if you know you have really good coaching, you want to surround it the best possible way. That's more where we're at - try to keep improving the team, try to maximize all our resources, and think strategically. It's not about making the coach the target of frustration."

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Russianator said...

Andy drives me INSANE sometimes and yes, I called for him to be fired earlier this year, but as always, I'm an idiot. Andy and Don deserve to stick around