Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brent Axe And Three Major Orange Issues In Three Articles

While checking out my daily, sometimes hourly reading of, I found Axe has posted not one or two but three articles discussing some very relevant topics in Orange Nation. The First is the anniversary of Pearl Washington's HUGE shot to beat Boston College 25 years to the day. The shot was huge but honestly I don't remember where I was at that moment. I probably watched it at home as we did not attend the games often when I was younger but I do remember seeing the shot played over and over again on the local news and how great it was that he beat Boston College, who back then was hated only second to Georgetown but led to many great games. Pearl was a tremendous player and an Orange great who I remember seeing in person a few years later while in the Dome office area with some family friends and being in awe because even in my teens, I knew the impact he had on this program. You can read Axe's take here .

Number two on his list would be the topic I have covered already on here in my column "I Want My #44 On The Field" and posted a poll about, the Restore 44 movement. Axe believes the number should stay retired but has a post with comments from the leaders of the movement, SU grads Brian Roll and Gregg Matalas. You can also share the comment area and let others know how you feel as Axe seems to have some supporting his side as well. Here is the link fr that one .

And his last article is one that if your in the Dome for this game, and I can't be since I can't afford the trip from NC right now, you had better be wearing Orange and supporting the Orange-Out. Many fans and TNIAAM have been trying to ensure this will happen and the university is finally on board as well to support this effort. Georgetown embarrassed the Orange on their home court and now it's time we show our Orange our support at the Dome and make that building nothing but orange. If it was up to me, I would not admit anyone not wearing orange but my guess is, they will not enforce this. If your a business man, at least grab up an Orange hoodie or larger shirt then normal and put it on when you enter the Dome. There is even a very nice website set up to help get you in the festive spirit here . As for Axeman's article supporting this effort, you can check that out here .


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