Friday, January 9, 2009

Damone Brown and Gerry McNamara Exploring Reno Together Featuring Special Guest Donte Greene

WSTM 3 in Syracuse has comments from Donte Greene confirming his playing a few games in the NBA Developmental League for the Reno Bighorns along with Gerry McNamara and Damone Brown. There is video of them discussing it as well as part of a phone conversation with Donte about playing with Gerry. I just wish they had decided to play for the Charlotte Bobcats so that I could see them play for myself. Is there really much difference between the D league and the Bobcats anyway? I still have Bobcats merchandise I bought from the first season when I thought Jason Hart would be part of the future of this team(and it was orange) and now, it sits at the bottom of the drawer only used when I have yard work (well, what wasn't donated to Goodwill anyway).

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