Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Out With Your Orange-Out

The date is February 14th which is Valentine's Day (also my wife's birthday) and there is no better way to say I love you then by wearing Orange This is also the same day that Syracuse has their rematch with Georgetown but this time in the Carrier Dome. The Dome and the Syracuse Orange need our love and support and together we can express that with a customized Orange-Out. This is their chance to redeem themselves for the loss at Georgetown and Orange Nation will be in the stands behind them. Let's ban together to help Flynn, Harris, Rautins, AO, and the rest of the team defeated the same college team that brought us such horrible Orange atrocities as Ewing, Iverson, Mourning, and of course the name of Satan himself, Thompson.

We are the Orange and what a better way to show our support then covering the Dome in our color. Teams don't need inspiration to win but it damn sure gives you a boost of confidence when you know 30,000 fans are rooting for you and showing you how much they want you to win. And not just wear your Orange, be a presence in the Dome. Stand up and be heard and show the country that the Carrier Dome is the proudest home of college athletics. Every time they set to shoot, they will see a wall of orange. No gray and black or whatever dark devilish color those jackass Hoyas wear, all orange.

I also wish there was a way to enforce a dress code so that anyone not wearing orange in support of this team would not be allowed into the Dome. This is our house and you must defend your home at all costs which means those who wish to come into our house must respect it or not be let in. I know there are Hoya fans and Orange haters in the area or traveling to the game but screw them. The guys at and TNIAAM have been campaigning this effort for a while now and I love it. So if you want, check out their websites and show your support and if you are going to the game, your ass better be sporting the Orange. I don't want to hear some pantie waist excuse for why you can't, even in business garb, you can throw an Orange shirt over it for a couple hours to show support for this team. Syracuse is 17-3 overall and 5-2 in conference and they deserve to be shown some love for playing that hard. Sure we can sit here and point out their weaknesses but every team has them and with our support, we can help show this team they have Orange Nation behind them. Syracuse University has decided to jump on board with the movement and so now we must make sure everyone knows about it and can show up accordingly. Tell your friends and every Orange fan who plans to attend this game. I know being in NC I will not be able to make it but I will be wearing my orange at home in support of this team and trust me, I have enough orange to make sure I am covered. Go Orange-Out!


Scott Thomas Photography said...

I'll be there to capture the Orange Out. Should get a good view of it from up high in Sec. 318!

Brian said...

I live in texas, I just bought my parents and brothers (still in NY) seats behind the ESPN announcers and orange shirts and towels. They promised me they would leave a mark on the back of Len's head.

Scott Thomas Photography said...

I got some pics of the Orange Out on my blog today.

Not as Orange Out as it could be but not bad.