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1/22 TNA Impact Report

By Orange Chuck
Show Times: 9PM EST Thursday Nights on Spike, 9AM EST Saturday Mornings on Spike

Next TNA Pay Per View: Against All Odds Sunday 2/8 in Orlando

This week’s show starts off with a rundown of tonight’s card by Mike Tenay and Don West.

MATCH#1: 4 Way X-Division Championship Match- Sonjay Dutt (with SoCal Val at ringside), Sheik Abdul Bashir, Chris Sabin, and Champion Alex Shelley

Your referee is Shane Sewell as the match starts off with Sabin and Shelley exchanging chain wrestling maneuvers. Dutt and Bashir wait and attack while they are busy as it appears the strategy is to pair off and try to eliminate the tag team work of the MotorCity MachineGuns. Bashir and Dutt eventually send Shelley outside the ring and attempt to work over Sabin together while keeping Shelley out. After they work down Sabin some, Shelley finally works his way back in the ring. Shortly after that, we see Sharmell walk down the ramp and observe. Shelley eventually rolls up Dutt while Sabin and Bashir fight outside and gets the pinfall.

Your Winner and Still Champion-Alex Shelley

After the match, Sharmell tells Referee Shane Sewell that Booker T wants to see him in his locker room. We then see Main Event Mafia members Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner and World Champion Sting walk towards the Impact Zone as we take our first break of the evening.

Backstage Segment:

Camera show Booker T, Sharmell, Jeremy Borash and Shane Sewell in Booker’s dressing room. Booker offers a seat and JB tries to accept only to find the offer was made for Shane. Shane eventually does as Booker begins by berating Shane for putting his hands on him last week. Sharmell calms him down and Booker remembers his reason for the invitation. It seems Shane will be the referee tonight in his tag team elimination match with him and Scott Steiner facing Eric Young and “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams. Booker wants him to ensure that it comes down to Petey against Booker and Steiner so they can handle their business. Shane refuses to answer the proposal and walks away.

In Ring Segment:

Main Event Mafia members Kurt Angle, Sting, and Scott Steiner walk to the ring. Kurt has the microphone in the ring and talks about last week’s events. He starts by calling out Petey Williams, believing they underestimated him. Then discusses AJ Styles a bit and Kurt’s going through the table. He then discusses the challenge laid out by Team 3D for Kurt to face Brother Devon and Sting against Brother Ray. Kurt states that Team 3D are not match makers and can stick their ideas up their butts. Sting then takes the microphone to inform Kurt that he does not speak for him. They start to discuss it when TNA Management’s James E. Cornette comes out to the ramp and proclaims that he is the one with match making power. He decided that it will instead be a four way match for Sting’s championship at Against All Odds with Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Kurt Angle and Sting. He points out the team work of Team 3D but asks if Kurt and Sting can work together when the championship is on the line as we go to our second break.
The show returns with a recap of Petey and Scott Steiner situation that led to Petey’s beat down and return last week that costs Steiner his match against AJ Styles.

Backstage Interview:

Lauren is with Petey Williams as he talks about looking up to Scott previously but now this is personal. He calls Scott out and ends the segment by referring to him as a female dog when in heat.

Via satellite from Tokyo, we have Team 3D fresh off their victory winning the New Japan Tag Titles in the Tokyo Dome. Brother Ray explains to Mike Tenay how this is a big achievement comparable to a huge title win in Madison Square Garden. Don West then informs them about the 4 way match for Sting’s belt at Against All Odds. Bubba says that is fine, as long as he can get his hands on Sting for doing nothing when he was attacked, he will gladly fight his brother to get that belt. Brother Devon states they have fought before and will again so they are not worried about this one bit. As Tenay asks for predictions on who will win the 4 way, the audio feed begins cracking up and is lost. It is now time for break number 3.

Backstage Segment:

J.B. is in the M.E.M. locker room with Sting, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Sharmell. Sting starts off by emphasizing the brotherhood and respect between the members of the Main Event Mafia and walks off. Scott Steiner calls out Petey for costing him the match last week and walks off. Booker just repeats that it’s about respect as he and Sharmell walk off together.

Rough Cut Segment:

This week they focus on Sojournor Bolt. She emphasizes that she is a wrestler and has worked hard to get where she is. Terry Taylor and J.B. both praise her work previously including her challenge to Awesome Kong. Bolt ends it by challenging anyone who wants to be a wrestler or is one, to come get her.

Match #2: Sojournor Bolt Verses ODB

Bolt is out first followed by ODB but Bolt does not hesitate and attacks ODB before the bell. Bolt dominates for a bit before missing a top rope splash. ODB recovers and takes over for a while. Awesome Kong then charges the ring and attacks ODB with her Kong-torage following behind. However before they can do much damage, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi chase them off.

Winner: ODB by disqualification

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Backstage Interview:

Lauren has “the governor” backstage as she laughs about the rib they pulled on The Beautiful People who waste little time in attacking her. They throw her all around the backstage area, slamming her into everything they can find. Eventually security tries to stop it but Cute Kip lays into them for touching the ladies. He then stops the ladies himself saying that they did enough damage. Beautiful People let up and we go off to our 4th break.

Match #3: Tag Team Elimination Match-Booker T & Scott Steiner Facing Eric Young & Petey Williams

M.E.M member enter first followed by Petey and then Eric. Booker and Eric start the match off. They go back and forth a bit before Booker tags in Steiner with Eric a bit dazed. Steiner works over Eric for a while, using powerful chops and forearms on him. It is obvious that the game plan is just as Booker laid out, save Petey for last and not let Eric tag out. Eric gains some momentum but Eric is eliminated via pin fall when Booker is tagged back in and hits the axe kick on Eric. We now enter break #5 with it basically being the predicted handicap match of Petey Williams against Booker T and Scott Steiner.


We return to see Petey never really got in much offense as Steiner controlled it during the break and has it now. Petey eventually fights back by trying to literally fight Scott Steiner. Steiner eventually gets the tag to a fresh Booker T. Petey gets in some brief offense but Booker T gains control. After a little break, he tags back in Steiner as the strategy is now to use the fresh man in the ring and wear down Petey. Petey however has Steiner’s number it appears as he gains some momentum. Petey even uses a tornado DDT on Steiner to get a two count. Petey sets up Steiner for a possible Canadian Destroyer but Booker T comes in and breaks it up. Steiner wakes up enough to get Petey to the top rope and slams him off the top rope, attempts a pin but pulls Petey’s shoulder’s up at two. He then tags in Booker who hits an axe kick, pins Petey but also lifts his shoulders up at the two. Referee Shane is chastising them for not going for the win. Booker does another axe kick and this time gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Booker T and Scott Steiner

Following the match, Shane Sewell reluctantly raises Steiner and Booker’s hands in victory. He is seemingly questioning their strategy which Booker does not appreciate and slaps Shane. Shane attacks Booker but it’s just too much as Steiner has Booker’s back and they work him over. Booker snaps and is beating him down as Sharmell and Steiner decide to finally pull him off Shane. Earl Hebner comes to the ring to check on Shane and we hit break #6.

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We are back with the history lesson of Abyss and Matt Morgan. Is a potential tag team championship team doomed before they reach their potential?

In Ring Interview Segment:

Lauren is in the ring with Abyss and Matt Morgan. Morgan starts by discussing how he has a temper tantrum problem and asks Abyss to accept his apology. He then states how he thinks they can put all of this behind them and eventually win tag team gold in TNA. He wants to start that road tonight by beating Beer Money in a First Blood Match. Abyss accepts his apology and understands his temper as he has been known to have one as well. He even offers to ask if they offer a 2 for 1 coupon for therapy and he can come with him to his next session. Abyss is happy to have his best friend back and hugs Lauren and then Morgan as we go to break #7.

Match #4: First Blood Match- Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Beer Money Inc.(James Storm & Robert Roode)

Beer Money Inc. comes to the ring, accompanied by Jackie, and with James driving the cooler with wheels (I want one of those things so badly). Morgan and Abyss attack James Storm and Robert Roode at the ramp way though before they can make it in the ring. Storm is paired off with Morgan while Abyss is beating on Roode. Abyss and Roode even take it as high as the last row in the Impact Zone while Storm and Morgan fight around the ringside area and even some in the ring. Roode and Abyss work their way back down and into the ring where Roode tries for a chair shot only to be blocked by the fist of Abyss. Roode then tries a series of punches to the forehead of Abyss to no avail. Abyss slings Roode into a chair in the corner but Roode is not bleeding. Storm and Morgan work their way into the ring. Roode tries to deliver a belt to the head of Morgan but Morgan is fine. Storm tries to hit the Last Call on Abyss but Abyss hits a choke slam instead. Abyss brings in another chair but Beer Money takes it from him and weakens him some. They taunt him with the chair before Morgan steals it from him and then tees on Abyss, forcing him to bleed.

Winner: Beer Money Inc.

As Beer Money Inc. walks off smiling, Morgan continues to attack Abyss. Security tries to stop Morgan who throws them off him shouting, “You did this Abyss”. Morgan gives him one more chair shot before repeating his rant and we see commercial break #8.

Footnote: Against All Odds Sunday, February 8th, 2009 On Pay Per View

Backstage Segment:

Abyss reacts backstage by going nuts and throwing stuff around.

Mike Tenay and Don West discuss the Abyss/Morgan situation and then introduce a video package on the history between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. The video is a reminder of some of the classic matches these two men have had together.

Backstage Interview:

J.B. is with Kurt Angle who proclaims he could have ended AJ’s career before but he felt sorry for him. That is until tonight when he will show him how it’s done, Main Event Mafia style. J.B. brings up the interaction with Sting earlier in the show and Angles stares at him before he walks off with no response and we hit break #9.

Match #5: Tables Match-Kurt Angle Against AJ Styles

Angle’s music hits as we return for our main event. AJ enters next and send Kurt out the ring so he can do his entrance. The match starts and both men vie for an early advantage but it goes back and forth. Kurt eventually lands outside the ring to get a quick breather as AJ looks as though he is considering how to attack him out there. Kurt comes back into the ring only to get tossed out there again and this time eats a flying forearm from AJ off the ring apron. AJ grabs a table and tries to set it up at ringside but Kurt recovers and runs back into the ring as we take our 10th and final commercial break.

Impact returns with Angle in control of the match. AJ tries to fight back but Kurt delivers a release over head suplex. Kurt brings a table into the ring. AJ tries to fight off Kurt but Kurt wears him down and slams his head against the table as it lies on the ring apron. Kurt works him over some more and then sets up the table. AJ blocks Kurt from trying to set him up on the top rope and kicks at the table, knocking it away from him and on its side. The two men exchange punches and end it with AJ dropping Kurt crotch first on the table edge. AJ gains momentum including his flying forearm using the top rope as a sling shot to propel him. AJ fixes the table and attempts to do the Styles Clash on I but a series of reversals forces them away from the table but AJ gets the advantage with the Pele kick. AJ lays Kurt on the table, climbs the ropes only to find Kurt there to meet him and attacking him. AJ fights him off and pushes him away before jumping off the ropes at Kurt only to miss and hit his head on the table. Kurt takes advantage of a dazed AJ and hits the Angle Slam through the table for the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Following the match, Kurt continues to attack AJ including bashing AJ’s ankle in the folding of the steel chair numerous times and an ankle lock. Kurt finally walks off. He stops at the announcing booth and grabs a microphone, trying to intimidate Don West and Mike Tenay. He stands atop of the announcer’s table and states that it will be the end of TNA starting next week. He proclaims, “Look Mom, I am on top of the world” as he stares down AJ intensely lying in the ring and the camera focuses on him to close the show.

Impact Moment Of The Night: Kurt Angle/AJ Styles Tables Match

Memorable Moments:
I thought it was a good show that helped progress the story lines very well. The matches were entertaining but as I mentioned earlier, the main event was my favorite by far. I also recommend just about any time Beer Money Inc. is in front of the camera but maybe that’s just my bias. If you have this on DVR, I would watch all of it if for nothing else then to see where they go with the stories.

Fast Forward Fun:
If your short on time, the backstage segments can be missed and ODB/Sojournor Bolt was so brief, not much developed but me personally, I liked seeing the faces right there to help make the save quickly for once. I think they have some top notch talent in the Knockout division that deliver good matches so I was slightly disappointed here but it wasn’t terrible, just helps to build up the Kongtorage/OBD, Roxxi, and Taylor Wilde feud. You have to wonder though with Roxxi and Taylor also in the mix with Beautiful People, where they will go from here?

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