Monday, August 11, 2008

Going To The 'Cuse

For the 2 people who read this blog( I don't have a way to track the actual traffic so guesstimating here), sorry I have not updated much lately but it's also not going to get any better either. I am heading to Syracuse for my cousin's wedding so I will probably not be able to post anything on here while I am away. When I come back, I will actually be coming back to a job so posting may also be some what limited until I can find ways to work around my new work schedule. I highly recommend though that you check out the blog links I have listed though since they are usually better anyway, especially for you Orange and Panther fans. If you wish to check in from time to time, feel free as I may sneak on my grandmother's computer from time to time if we have some slow time and sneak something up though I doubt it will be much since I don't get to go back to 'Cuse often. Take care and I will see you when I get back, I think. Go Orange.

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