Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not A Good Day In Orange Country

Not only did the Syracuse Orange football program lose big time 30-10 to Northwestern earlier today in their 2008 season opener, which I am sure you can find the coverage on numerous websites and blogs but today was also the day NFL teams had to cut their roster down to 53. Among those cut with Orange ties are Joe Fields from Carolina, Taj Smith with Green Bay and Dowayne Davis with the Dallas Cowboys(according to the teams official websites). The only undrafted free agent from the last Syracuse Orange season is linebacker Jameel McClain who made the Baltimore Ravens final roster. This is a rough time for all and I wish the best of luck to those who did not make it. Remember, there is always a chance to catch on with another team as some teams will look at the cut players and sign them from other squads or injuries happen and they get recalled. I know personally as a Panther fan, Fields was a long shot to make it with them already being deep at their safety position but it doesn't mean you still couldn't hold out hope of it happening( I even had hopes of convincing my wife to allow me to spend money on a #38 Fields Panther jersey if he did). Again, best of luck to both the Orange football team who better wake up and not sleep on Akron as well as those players cut today and even Jameel who I hope proves throughout the season how good of a player he can be at the professional level. Go Orange.

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