Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mike"Mad Dog" Russo Returns To Radio

I just found this out today and have the official press release now that confirms that half of the famous sports talk duo Mike And The Mad Dog, "Mad Dog" Mike Russo has signed a deal to debut soon on Sirius XM Satellite Radio with a channel named Mad Dog Radio with his show titled "The Mad Dog Sports Show" airing from, shocker here, 2pm until 7pm daily. I was in New York when Mike personally broke the news that Dog was gone and heard the call to his show live on YES network so that part did not shock me but the Sirius XM deal did and even though I am a subscriber, I never even considered it a possibility. I hate that the two broke off a great relationship that has been together I think 19 years and was a cornerstone in sports talk whether you like them or not. After seeing how much they are supporting him, I hate to see him leave but I can't blame the guy either because this is a huge chance which I am sure is financially secure for him and his family as well. I hate that they will now compete against each other though but I wish the best for both(and plus this means one of my favorite Sirius talk shows Mike and Murray will either be moved or removed). The show will debut Monday September 15th and I will post a link to the press release below for more information. WOW!

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