Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Hornets Distance Themselves Further From Charlotte

A very reliable source who has asked to remain nameless pointed to the above Hornets jersey's similarity and it made me wonder, are the Hornets afraid to confuse the jersey with a Bobcats jersey or are they denying their own heritage? I know there was a bad fall out in Charlotte when the team left for New Orleans and even though I am not an NBA fan, I still smell something foul. It may not be exact but its so close, it's obviously an attempt to duplicate it. I understand there is interest in appealing to the old school throwback jerseys but why not use the city that everyone knows you started in since without them, you would not be around and unless your fan is a new one, they know the history, though if they are, they should learn it anyway. The old Charlotte Coliseum was sold out several times and put this team near the top in attendance in the NBA for the majority of its run in this city and now the Hornets organization is in return, spitting in their face. I really doubt the Charlotte Bobcats owner Bob Johnson told them they would have trouble if they used the Charlotte name and doubt even more the city of Charlotte would have fought it either. This is just one more cheap shot at the city of Charlotte by the Hornets organization for their petty payback at not falling at their feet before they tucked tail and ran from the city. Charlotte would have no way benefited from them using their city's name on it so the only reason I see for omitting the Charlotte name from in is because they apparently hold a grudge worse then a 6 year old kid who couldn't get their way. The New Orleans Hornets may be successful in the NBA with Chris Paul at the helm but to me, that organization is still showing signs of being just as bitter as when they left.

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