Friday, August 1, 2008

Jim Brown Suing EA Sports And Sony today has a short story on former Orange and NFL great Jim Brown is suing EA Sports and Sony for using his likeness in one of their games, which is apparently unnamed in the suit. When you use the All-Browns Team(Cleveland that is), you will see a running back that is #32, which is obviously the retired jersey of Brown, though they do not use his name. You have to think he has a point with Cleveland retiring the jersey in his honor, whether you agree with Brown or not, that does give him more creditability for his point since its saying he was so great, this is his number forever in a Brown's jersey. Jim Brown states that he wants them to pay unspecified damages for this action and no "free rides". I will commend Jim on not flipping on his stance since he has always been one over the years to fight for more rights for players compensation when they are utilized in such manners whether it's the league or sponsors doing it.

I have to say, EA screwed this one up because if your forming this game and you don't know your using a famous jersey, especially one that's retired in their name and don't research it to see if the player objects, you asked for it or should have at least used a fake number as some do. I understand the gamers want the players to be able to use the top stars to enhance the experience but these guys do deserve some kind of reasonable compensation since these games make millions and millions on these games and you are using the legends they created to help build it up, though lets be honest, that compensation should not be too awfully much or I will assure you that EA NFL 2010 will have a whole new look or not exist at all. Be interesting to see what happens whether they settle out of court or what they think such compensation should be.

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