Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emptying Out My Junk Drawer

Instead of making a few posts based on some stuff I found over the past few days, I decided to just send you the links and let you tackle them whenever you have time. Don't worry, there will be some Summer League - Vegas Summer League action to report on soon enough and I am also sure I can come up with a few other things but for now, this will have to suffice.

Let's start with a couple posts from ESPN's Big East blogger Brian Bennett that give Syracuse some mention including their practice starting date and a couple potential big time players for the upcoming season.
Big East fall practice start dates - Big East - ESPN

Home-run hitters in the Big East - Big East - ESPN

The Sports Debaters break down why they think the Big East should not be getting an automatic bid into the BCS bowl games. Obviously I disagree because I think the markets represented help with the ratings, it is just as good as other conferences within the BCS system and I also think the Big East conference as a whole is improving, especially with Syracuse possibly heading in the right direction. However, I do think everyone is entitled to their opinion and here is their well researched though incorrect version.
The Big East in the BCS Debate – Big East, or Big Least? « The Sports Debates©

Our friend A_E_M has a great column up on the Jimmy V foundation which I think does some great work and is one time I watch ESPN and wish I had a lot of money for one of those prize package deals. Check out a great column from A_E_M even if he is a Tar Heel fan in Syracuse, the opposite of yours truly who is an Orange fan living in North Carolina.
Don’t give up, don’t ever give up! The 5th Corner

Speaking of bloggers, how about everyone's favorite Idiots doing some rambling of their own, only they have a better knack for sarcasm then I do.
Three Idiots on Sports

This is an old interview by now but for those who may not have read it yet, meet your new Big East Commisioner John Marinatto.
New Big East commissioner John Marinatto discusses BCS, expansion - Stewart Ma

I accidentally left this off the contest list so I will throw it in to here. This one will possibly lead you to getting some junk mail about Chevy vehicles but if you think the prize of a new Camaro is worth it, it is free and good luck.
Win Dale Jr's Camaro

I found this for anyone in the Charlotte area who wants to help support college football in this area as UNC-Charlotte is taking up donations/seat purchases now to help fund the new stadium for when they start the football program. Maybe once they get started, we will see a match up with Syracuse one day down the line.
Charlotte 49ers Football - Purchase a Seat

If you missed one of my favorite groups moe's appearance in Syracuse, you can check out their stuff here:
Internet Archive: Free Download: moe. Live at Chevrolet Court-NY State Fairgro

And last but not least, for those of you in Syracuse who enjoy MMA. WIXT 9 does a little piece on where you can possibly go to watch the fights as well as discussing MMA being sanctioned in the state of NY, well until the Senate decided it is so much easier to spend tax dollars at home then some pesky work sessions helping the state.

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