Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mad Dog Is Unleashed And Biting His Own Staff

Courtesy of MeganCassidy on Twitter, a Syracuse woman also in North Carolina now, I found this video via a link to Deadspin about Chris MadDog Russo going off on everyone at SiriusXM's MadDog Radio. I listen to the channel regularly and I find his claims unfounded though since he runs the channel, I guess he can do as he pleases. Is the stress getting to him because their numbers are not what he had hoped for while WFAN's numbers according to Deadspin and Newsday seem to be "holding steady" without him? Probably but I will give you the link and the video for you to decide for yourself. Someone apparently angered a rabid dog so I guess now we will see what he has planned, which I hope will not effect two of my favorites on the station, Gary Williams (formerly of WFNZ in Charlotte) and Bruce Murray (formerly of Mike and Murray on SirusXM) among others.

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