Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Contest Corner 7-29

Over the past couple days, I have been lucky/blessed enough to win some more contests so I urge those of you who say that you never win anything to at least try occasionally. Mine is part luck/part entering just about anything I can that is free and within my driving range.

Syracuse University Athletics - Official Blogger Contest
This is for those of you who have not heard about the official football blogger contest Syracuse University is having, which I would apply for if I lived closer to Cuse to make it back for all the home games.

ESPN - Promotions & Contests
If you are curious if ESPN has any contests going on, here is their main contest page which does occasionally feature some fun stuff to enter.

Break in Your Jeans - Rules Fan Forum
OK well this one is not really free because it is for anyone who buys anything from the MLB shop in the next month or so and so I am putting up the link to the rules if you are interested. I will say the prize of world series tickets and free clothes sounds good.

WWE Superstar Merchandise, WWE Clothes, Action Figures & More -
If you are a wrestling fan or want to try for a laptop, give this one a try from the folks at WWE.

2009 Stanley Cup Champions DVD Giveaway - FormSpring
I think this one is self explanatory but if you are a Penguins fan, this looks like a great thing to try.

T-Mobile – LIVE the ROCK LIFE WITH blink-182
You really want me to justify why I put this in when it is not sports related? You could win $20,000, a trip to LA for you and 5 friends along with your own personal table at a Blink-182 show with stage access. Enough said?

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