Monday, July 13, 2009

B.O.B. Cheap Plug Of The Week-Three Idiots On Sports

So I have been busy lately and honestly forgot to do one of these columns lately but what a way to bring it back with these guys. Champ and Russianator do great work over at T3I (as did Boss before he went MIA due to lack of time to commit to the blog) mixing Syracuse sports with mainstream stuff as well. If you are looking for politically correct, these are not the guys you want to read but if you have an open sense of humor and love stuff like "Ebay Item Of The Week" and "Fat Guy Friday", then the Idiots are for you. They also have in the past featured chats during Orange games (which I have attended numerous times), retrospective of the 80's, and you can also find some Eagles news as well since they seem to be fans of them for some reason (well, at least they have Donovan McNabb, an all time Orange great). I highly recommend you check them out if you don't already either by clicking the link above or in my blog links area.

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