Monday, July 13, 2009

Orange News Links-Radio, Recruits And Rookies(And Another Kind Of Links)

Fresh faces: Syracuse - Big East - ESPN
is a break down of three players who could inpact the Syracuse Orange football team this season.

Donnie Webb (PSfootball) on Twitter
OL/DL Robert Welsh of St. Anthony's on Long Island has made verbal commitment to sign with Syracuse (taken directly from Donnie's Twitter page).

An interview with Syracuse recruit C.J. Fair - Orange Basketball Blog
is a link to an interview with Syracuse basketball recruit C.J. Fair courtesy of Flagarant Foul.

A Program Note -
is a note by Axe to remind his listeners that not only has he just realized his schedule has prevented him from updating his blog recently but his vacation will also prevent him from doing that as well as his radio show. Have no fear, Syracuse Orange Basketball beat writer Mike Waters will be filling in for him during his vacation so drill him with all your Orange related questions or you can check out the other Orange friendly sports talk guy if you are in the North Country or just want to listen to his podcasts, which is how I listen to it by clicking below.
Sports Fix

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse NBA Summer League Update
is my favorite idiots giving you a better breakdown on Flynn and Harris in their Summer League debut then I did (mine was more just stats and video) with a nice picture of Kevin Love's twitter that he sent watching Flynn play.

G & L Meats > Home
And just as a side note, I figured I would send you a link to a great sausage company in Syracuse. I know I love to give Tullys, Powerade, Sami's Pizza in Bridgeport, NY (or if in North Carolina, he has one in Selma area off 95 or if in Charlotte area, try Brooklyn Boys) and Hoffman's Hot Haus some love on here when I can but this is another great Syracuse food essential for those in the area. You can check them out at the Fair next month and I highly recommend that if you do go, stop and give them a try(and you thought I was done with my cheap plugs for the day, ha).

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