Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maxim Says We Are #1 (Worst BCS Team)

I hate preseason polls and I especially hate this one, though it is more of a list I guess. They point to the 10-37 record over the last 4 seasons as the reason the Syracuse football program is the worst team in the BCS. That's right, we are worse then #3 Duke and #2 Washington State.
And for those of you who want more of a Coach Robinson connection to the story then that, you should note that Michigan came in at #10, his new place of employment as defensive coordinator.
I still think this team wins at least 4 and possibly as many as 6 this season but can you really blame people for piling on with the record we have had over that time frame. Syracuse University Athletics - 2009-10 Football Schedule just look this over and see what you think.
In related news, thanks for Live315 on Twitter for the link, College Football Future Odds at, The Leader in Sportsbook and you too can see the over/under on wins for this season (3.5) as well as notice Syracuse is not even listed as a contender to win the BCS title champion.
At first I was hesitant to use Twitter but it has so many resources, now I can't imagine what I did without it, not to mention the ability to be able to come up with 140 characters of sarcasm better then I can blog topics.
Photo courtesy of Maxim Magazine.

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