Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brinkley Upgraded To Good Condition, Could Be Home Soon

I found the above article courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer that has updates on his condition and talks with Brinkley's grandmother, whom he was with when his sister called, and his uncle. It looks like he may be home later this weekend but they are unsure of his football career.

I loved watching Boonah play in Syracuse Orange and was rooting for him to make the San Diego Chargers final roster but in all fairness, this situation could have been worse and I have to agree with how his grandmother put it, "Thank God he is still here....most of the time with things like this, the family never gets to see that person again. That is a blessing in itself." I know he would love nothing better then to rehab his injuries and be back on the field in time for preseason action but right now, the best thing is to take all this one day at a time and heal up before he even thinks about football. I wish him the best in life and I hope when he is fully healed, he finally gets a chance to do something with his life he enjoys, he has definitely earned it.

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