Saturday, July 18, 2009

Contest Corner 7/18

This contest is for the avid golfer who wants a new bag filled with the same line of clubs the winner of the Deutsche Bank Championship uses.

Discovery Channel :: Discover Baja Sweepstakes
At first this one looks like more of a vacation, which it is, but it looks awesome and comes with a round of golf and scuba lessons while staying at a golf resort in Baja California, Mexico.

Sharp Aquos The Official HDTV of Major League Baseball Sponsorship
Though also not really much of a sports contest, this is brought to you by a MLB sponsor and can lead you to winning a large screen TV to watch your sports on.

Craftsman Full-Speed NASCAR Sweepstakes - Register
In what is almost becoming a sure thing, I have another NASCAR related contest that can get you a VIP Racing Experience.

Affliction Trilogy Sweepstakes
This is my favorite of the bunch as it can win you a trip to an Affliction sponsored card with VIP access as well as gift cards toward some gear.

Watch & Win with the PowerBlock PowerblockTV
For those of you who are like my son and love to watch Spike on the weekend with their Powerblock show, this is a link to their contest page that right now includes one for $20,00 worth of power tools and another for a custom Chip Foose Mustang.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Free Stuff: Win prizes on
And last but...well just last I guess, I have the page for those of you who live in the Syracuse area to find out any contests is holding. Often times you can find stuff for anything from free dinners to sporting events within the area and is at least worth a look now and then.

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