Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fan Video Of A Real Syracuse Based "Become Legendary" Moment

How many of you have sat and watched an ad by Nike where a plant manager in Syracuse, NY discussed why he has no employees named Ray or Raymond? If not, here it is for you to see:

Well apparently a couple fans who remember a better Syracuse memory, and one that actually had an impact on Syracuse, set out to make a better commercial. YouTube user name lswmovies put together one we can all enjoy and even have some pride in. Ah Kansas and that block by Hakim Warrick, I remember it well. Heck, I am still trying to remember specifically what game it was that made me want to hate Ray Allen like that to be honest with you. Check it out for yourself and enjoy reliving the moment. And if anyone knows where Syracuse Manufacturing is located, can you send them my resume (I have no version of Ray in my name).

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