Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coach Marrone And Greg Paulus Press Clips Post Game Minnesota

Let me say off by saying this, if you watch these videos and you are convinced still that this is the same old Syracuse losing program, please turn in your colors now because we do not want your sorry asses claiming you knew it all along when they start winning. Coach Doug Marrone and Greg Paulus,in these clips courtesy of, showed class and gave fans hope as well as logical post game comments. They owned up to their mistakes and I think they will learn from them.

Pride is growing again in the program as evidenced by the Carrier Dome crowd and the feeling of those on Twitter and other networks who were cheering their hearts out to support this team. I watched these videos and I am not posting them just because they are Orange related, I am posting them because this shows the kind of heart I want leading my Syracuse Orange. Coach Marrone looked genuinely dejected after this game and I know judging by the progress this team has made and that reaction, he will make corrections and we are in good hands. This team will get better in all aspects and I would like to thank the entire team and staff for inspiring pride in a group of people who lost hope. LETS GO ORANGE!!!!

Syracuse football vs. Minnesota - Doug Marrone

Syracuse vs. Minnesota football - Greg Paulus

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