Monday, September 7, 2009

A Sign Of The Potential-Paulus To Williams

I have said it a couple times now but I truly think Saturday's game gave Syracuse Orange football fans reason to have hope and I found a video to support this. What is not in the video though are a couple times I noticed WR Mike Williams open but QB Greg Paulus missed him as he was scrambling to the other side of the field. I think if this offensive line can give Paulus a couple more seconds in the pocket and he develops faith they can block for him, we will see even more plays like this.

This is also proof of why many were holding out hope when Mike Williams had his academic issues, he would get them sorted out and be back in an Orange uniform one day soon. He does need to stop dropping some of the passes he did but it was his first game back too, so he is forgiven, for now. Wiliams is a playmaker in that he is one of those receivers who can make a short yard catch and turn it into a first down. Alec Lemon and Donte Davis also looked good, which can benefit everyone by opening up the field, including the running game because now you need to keep less guys in the box to help prevent the pass.

Anyway, enjoy the video and the progress as I am encouraged to see, as of this writing, everyone who answered the poll was heartbroken at the loss but encouraged by the progress of this program.

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