Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Weekly B.O.B. Junk Drawer

Let's start off with some contests. I think I will probably retire Contest Corner and just continue to include them in the Junk Drawer segments since sometimes it is hard to find sports related contests. By the way,the Wendy's contest requires you have a code first so keep that in mind if you plan to enter that one.

JetBlue 'The Biggest Rivalry' Sweepstakes redsox.com: Fan Forum

Shearer's Chips - Pitt Snack Attack V.I.P. Game Experience

Tyson - Take It To The House

HGTVPro BFL: The Ultimate Pro Football Pick 'em Game: HGTVPro.com

NCAA® Football Big Score This is the Wendy's one.


Tailgate at Home

NASCAR Sweepstakes 2009

Formula 1 and LG: HOME

Tennis Channel:: All Access Pass

How about some Jonny Flynn and Greg Paulus articles? Good because I have one each.

Rubio to stay in Spain for two more seasons - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Syracuse QB Greg Paulus back on old turf College Football Chron.com - Hous

A new country station is debuting in Syracuse so since I know I have some country fans who read this occasionally, I thought I would spread the word.

New Country WOLF 105.1 hits the airwaves - syracuse.com

Congrats to a Cicero company (where I went to high school) for getting a big government deal that will help with some more jobs in an area that needs it badly.

Cicero company wins $700M contract to build bomb-jamming equipment for the Arm

This weekend is not only the start of the glorious Orange football season but the start of the LFL as well and I plan to check it out when I can.


And funny video of the week (besides Sean's video which was in the last post) is a shot out for those of you who hate when telemarketers call your house:

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