Sunday, September 20, 2009

Syracuse Beat Northwestern, Roll The Tape Of How The Legend Of Lichtenstein Began

Yes, you read that correctly, Syracuse wins it's first game of the season, defeating Northwestern 37-34 with a winning 41 yard field goal as time ran out. Ryan Lichtenstein will now be a legend on campus, at least for this week, and people may name their children after him as well (either him,Shamarko,or Mike Williams who also had great games yesterday). So let the video clips show the joy that is victory in Orange Nation. And though I considered it, I did not do my best Frank The Tank impression and handled it delicately, unless you consider some of my Tweets which are only words, right?

I ask you to find me a closer view of the field goal then this beauty, though if you suffer from motion sickness or still sobering up, may not be the best view for you at this moment.

If you want to see Northwestern's comeback and the only real clips of Syracuse being the game winning field goal (even though Mike Williams had a record night and they made some other great plays in the game), then this video is for you.

My new favorite source of videos,

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