Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Videos That Inspire The Syracuse Football Team

I was sitting here this morning after a long day at Wild Wing Cafe in Charlotte last night watching the Panthers prove why it will be a long season in the Carolinas for us NFL fans when I realized I needed inspiration. So I asked myself, what would inspire the Syracuse football team? Here is what I found.

First, Arthur Jones inspirational piece. This was taped in Syracuse so you have to wonder if he was in attendance as well when it was filmed. This one is for you Arthur:

Next up, Delone Carter, or as his friend like to refer to him DC3. And this is in reference to his running ability and his arm size, nothing else you filthy minded gutter rats you:

#SHAMARKO who I believe could take a licking and keep on ticking:

Ryan Lichtenstein says if this guy can do it, he can too:

Mike Williams, this song goes out to you not just because I hear you are a ladies man but because you be burning the secondaries so somebody call 911:

How about a inspirational speech from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones (and yes, apparently that is the guys name) for Head Coach Doug Marrone:

And finally, Mr. Greg Paulus as the leader of the team searching for inspiration from another great leader:

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