Monday, September 14, 2009

My Wedding Poem For The Syracuse Fan

If you read the previous post, you will see I was in town for my cousin's wedding. I also earlier last week asked for feedback on my using the Syracuse Orange in a poem for a wedding. Well, it turns out they enjoyed it and I am happy to share it with you and show how much Syracuse spirit we had (even though many did not even notice it because it was read and not printed out).
And in case you miss it, just follow the orange letters straight down and yes, this was read at the wedding this past Saturday.

The Tale Of The Bride And Groom
by Orange Chuck

Great people meet every day and fall in love
Obviously blessed from the good Lord above
So the bride and groom's love is no surprise
Young people happily seeing eye to eye
Realizing their goals and fulfilling their dreams
Aware that it will be better together as a team
Celebrating their nuptials for the world to see
United today in front of their family and friends
Some days may be great, some nights tough
Each just proves what your love is made of
Open-mindedness will help you out sometimes
Remember a couple more things and you'll be fine
Always leave the toilet seat down when done
Never ignore your partner and think as one
Good luck to you both, may you be blessed
Every day filled with faith, love, and happiness

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