Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why If You Live In Syracuse, You Should Go See The Syracuse/Maine Game Live

I have heard the banter about why anyone should go see the Syracuse football team play Maine and I have to say, I am shocked at how little people care about this game. So in light of all that, I bring to you my top 10 reasons if you are in Syracuse or nearby, you should go to the Carrier Dome for the game this Saturday.

10. The game is at 7pm on a Saturday night, what else could you possibly be doing in Syracuse at that time that can't wait until after the game (with the only exceptions being to watch the game at Tully's or you could not get off of work)? I lived in the area for many years so trust me, nothing else of value is going on except the game.

9. Maine likely won't sell out so you have a better chance to get better seats for your money then the rest of the games this season.

8. Show your Orange pride and you can do it for as little at $15 a seat (maybe less if you ask around and buy someone's season ticket they can't use). They are playing better and deserve the support of the fans and the community.

7. To redeem yourself by wearing Orange if you attended previous games wearing other colors.

6. No fear of our basketball and football teams fighting each other like at other universities.

5. Since it is a 7pm game which means all day tailgating and trust me, there will be some good food and drinks in the vicinity

4. And if that wasn't enough partying and you do not have post game plans, you could always ask around for the best party and hopefully enjoy a Syracuse victory with other intoxicated Orange fans.

3. It's better then watching Rutgers football.

2. Greg Paulus,Ryan Lichtenstein,Mike Williams, Delone Carter, Shamarko Thomas, Arthur Jones, Max Suter, and the rest of this team which is building faith in Orange football once again. Not to mention some of those names will graduate this year so your chances to watch them play are diminishing every week.

1. You have the chance to hang with or at least get your picture taken with the one and only Kenny Haas, who will be at the game this Saturday night (well I am sure he would if you asked). And as Brent Axe stated on his Twitter page (@AxemanBlog), if Kenny has to pay for a beer at all that night, it is a Syracuse fan fail because he is a local celebrity and we need to take care of those.

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