Thursday, September 3, 2009

Open Letter To Coach Doug Marrone And SU Football

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Dear Syracuse Football Head Coach Doug Marrone (and others within the football program),

I am writing to you today as a lifelong Syracuse Orange fan. I am so excited about this weekend and a fresh new start to the program. My hope is that this is the start of returning to a proud tradition of Syracuse football meaning something and being relevant on the national scene.

I do not expect an overnight change into BCS championships but progress would be nice. I am drinking the Marrone-Ade and believe this is the right direction for the program, even if I was sold on Coach Turner Gill at first. I am however drinking it in moderation (well, I may chug it sometimes a bit more then others because I do think 6 wins and a bowl game are long shots but possible) and will continue to do so as long as this team shows signs that Syracuse football is relevant.

I have defended the program when many bashed the Greg Paulus news as media relations citing that we should instead wait until he steps on the field before we make our minds up. I think Delone Carter has the potential this season, if healthy, to continue a great tradition of Syracuse running backs. Despite numerous players leaving the program, I never once questioned your methods because my hope is that the product on the field will support your new direction. I think your aggressive recruiting, especially in New York State, is a great thing because I am tired of losing big name local players to other programs, laughing at SU on their way out.

I am writing this letter today to say thank you and good luck as we begin this journey together this Saturday when you play Minnesota at the Carrier Dome. My only hope is that we play competitively and if possible, give the home fans a win to start off this new era. I also hope if you are successful, the concessions stands at the Dome start selling Orange Marrone-Ade. Thank you again Coach Marrone and Let's Go Orange!

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