Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What SU Football Player Would You Follow?

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In this day and age of modern technology and social networking, many of us find ourselves following not just family and friends but also people with a celebrity status on some level. Whether it is the stars of the movie The Hangover or Gossip Girls (not that I would follow them), we find ourselves wanting to know more about these people we enjoy watching. Between Myspace, Facebook and Twitter alone, many people are on there to reach out to their fans. So in light of this fact, if you could get one Syracuse Orange player to follow, who would you choose?

I don't have Myspace anymore and rarely use Facebook but I do know some coaches and former players are on Twitter like Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley. I thought Delone Carter (DC3) was on Twitter but apparently I was wrong. Coach Marrone started an account and used it for a bit but then defer to the Syracuse athletics department to handle it. I think Nico Scott is on there but after my experiences with DC3, I am unsure if it is truly him or not (though I do have him listed on the follow list to the left of my main page under players on Twitter).

So let's just say the athletic department polled the fans and asked you, what player on this team would you want to follow? Would you want to live vicariously through Greg Paulus and see how life is with all his expectations and attention? Would you want DC3 to actually be on Twitter this time and tell you about his workout routine or how to make your own running lanes when the line won't give you much? Maybe you would choose Shamarko Thomas to tell you how it feels to be a freshman on campus who can deliver hits that will make a receiver think twice about catching a ball? How about following walk on sensation Ryan Lichtenstein to see how it feels to go from obscurity to the big man on campus after a clutch game winning field goal? Or last but not least, wouldn't it be fun to see Facebook updates and the friends Mike Williams would have in his return to Syracuse and the ladies who love him?

My choice would probably be Lichtenstein because I can't even imagine how much his life has changed in the past few weeks. The girls on campus actually know his name now. The local restaurants recognize him and take a little something off the bill(Tully's, you better take good care of him if he shows up). He went from sitting in the dorm studying or having to talk his way into parties to having an entourage escort him to the best parties on and off campus. Well that and the fact that he played in Monroeville, PA, a town I am very familiar with having lived right down the street for a few years and have a strong affection because of my great experiences there. Not to mention, as a kicker, he has extra time on the sideline to sneak his blackberry down there and maybe Tweet during the games.

Who would you choose?

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